2-year-old can’t contain his joy when he sees mom in her wedding dress: ‘The sweetest moment of my life’

With this heartwarming reaction to seeing his mom walking down the aisle in her wedding dress, a two-year-old toddler has the internet in tears. After sharing her son’s reaction to her walking down the aisle on TikTok, Kirstie Mihelich almost immediately went viral. On various media outlets, the video footage has now been viewed by millions of people around the world.

The sweetest of them all 

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of videos of kids reacting at weddings, like the heartwarming video of the tiny flower girl who got the groom and his groomsmen to read her a story before the ceremony, a video that garnered over 1.4 million views and over 500 comments. However, Kirstie and Bobby’s video is being dubbed the sweetest by viewers. 

Pierson reacting to his mother walking down the aisle
Image Credit: k2_0111| Instagram

As Bobby stood proudly beside the tearful groom – his dad – he saw his mom standing at the end of the aisle and almost immediately his jaw dropped. In the beginning, the toddler looked too awestruck to move, taking only one small step towards her. But not even a moment later, he threw his hands up and cried out, “Hi Mom!

As he ran towards her in undeniable joy, he shocked the guests. As Kirstie bent down to hug her son, you can hear the sniffles and murmurs of the wedding guests.

The video caption describes it as “the sweetest moment of my life.

Kirstie received so many beautiful comments and congratulations messages after the video went viral. Some of them read:

Image Credit: k2_0111| Instagram

“This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding! Congratulations to you all! What a wonderful memory,” read one comment. “Nothing could be more perfect than your son and father giving you away. It makes your wedding even more special,” said another.A viewer commented, “The gasp when your son sees you and the genuine, loving reaction by your groom are priceless. What a beautiful way to begin your marriage.” Another added, “Couldn’t have been better if it was planned!””.

The pure joy on your son’s face as he ran to you when he saw you is wonderful. “I’m so glad you experienced that,” one comment read. “OMG! It was a treasured moment. This is what life is all about. Thank you for sharing this with us. Another viewer shared, “What a moment of love.”.

Kirsty must be so grateful to whoever captured the sweet moment on video as now they have it forever to cherish. 

source : tiffytaffy.com

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