Family puts hidden message on father’s gravestone that leaves the internet very divided

The hidden message was not appreciated by everyone.

After a family member passes away, the members who are left behind take care of all the things that need to be considered and done. The details of the coffin and grave are thought to make the final parting special out of love for the departed.

Some families fill their loved ones’ tombstones with heartfelt messages for the deceased, to remind everyone who reads them that they are loved and have received love.

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A family from Iowa lost their father. The Warren-Powers Cemetery was the final resting place for his remains.

Some people found what the family wrote on Steven Paul Owen’s gravestone offensive and rude.

Once you see the hidden message on the tombstone, you can never ignore it again.

As his family remembers, Steven used to say “F— off” on each line of the tombstone all the time.

He definitely used it as a term of endearment. He didn’t speak to you if he didn’t like you. Steven’s daughter, Lindsay Owens, told KCCI that it was just who he was.

Putting this message on Steven’s tombstone was a harmless way for his family to remember him.

Due to the profanity in the message, the cemetery contacted the Owens family and questioned them. Because of the offensive message on the tombstone, the cemetery staff has always opposed it.

Steven’s son Zachary pointed out that it was a choice they made.

No one is forcing anyone to look at it. It’s your choice. We didn’t do it to offend, irritate, or hurt anyone. “We did it because our father was our father, and we love him, and that is how we remember him,” he said.


In spite of the family’s insistence that this is a fond memory of their late father, not everyone appreciated the message’s intent.

People’s mixed reactions put the family under the spotlight, with more and more people seeking to have the stone removed.

In spite of this, the family remains steadfast in its decision to put such a message on the gravestone of their late father. His words are a part of who he was, and they honor his memory fully.

The tombstone remains in the cemetery as of this writing.


In the end, the family still believes in the choice they made.

Owens remain firm in their decision to place the hidden message on their father’s grave despite the opinion of the cemetery and some people. During his life, Steven was known for the way he spoke, and these words are trademarks of his.

The family hopes that by sharing these words on his gravestone, people will learn more about him.

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  1. My dad was the same way. He wouldn’t talk to you if he didn’t like you and he definitely cursed.