Millionaire Helps Boy After Viral Photo Shows Him Doing Homework on a Sidewalk Under Street Lamp

In a popular Middle Eastern folk tale, a boy’s wish is granted when he discovers a magical lamp.

An echoes of that story reverberated all the way from Peru to the Middle East this year, when a child was seen doing his homework beneath a street lamp, wishing his family had electricity.

The video of Vctor Martn Angulo Córdoba doing homework under a Peruvian street lamp was posted thousands of times on news websites and social media because city security agents made it public.

As soon as the pictures went viral, they attracted the attention of many people who could help.

A city official, Arturo Fernández Bazán, was the first to respond to the committed young man. Because his family’s home lacked electricity, Vctor was using a street light. Victor’s mother did not simply lack the financial means to pay; she also lacked the necessary documentation to prove her ownership of the property, which was necessary for electricity service to be properly installed.

Rosa received assistance from the Mayor of Moche throughout the process, and he provided school materials to support Vctor’s ambition to stay in school and become a police officer.

Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, a billionaire importer and chocolatier from Bahrain, was the true genie who could deliver a fairytale ending. Victor’s determination touched the businessman, who was reminded of his own boyhood, and he travelled half way across the world to see him and his family.

Following his May visit to Victor’s home and school, Yaqoob decided to restore the house, including building a second floor for bedrooms, and to update the school’s infrastructure, adding furnishings and equipping a new computer center in his honor. Additionally, he helped Rosa launch a small business.

Yaqoob lied down on the sidewalk with Victor to recreate the “famous” night scene under the street lamp, and they read books together, giving the locals something to remember.

He also gave him clothing and a wallet “full of money,” and he sealed their bond by giving Victor’s pal a new wheelchair.

Most fairy tales have the wish granter go “poof” and vanish…

On the other hand, Yaqoob has promised to return for the opening of the new school and residence. Until then, thanks to the generosity of a donor and a new friend from across the world, there will be enough energy to study with and enough money to pay for it.


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