Girl Shows People What Not To Do When Cooking Tutorial Ends Up In Kitchen Fire

Even though the dinner didn’t turn out, I now know what not to do in the kitchen.

The 26-year-old streamer known as Kjanecaron had a pretty typical day. It was her birthday, and she almost set her kitchen on fire.

While cooking her birthday steak, she decided to live stream on Twitch.

However, things didn’t go according to plan.

As she was searing the meat, an alarming amount of smoke began to escape.

Using a tong clamp, Caron immediately removed the steak from the pan in order to save the glorious piece of steak. After that, she tried to fan the smoke away with a fan.

Obviously, that didn’t work, and things got worse.

As the fire grew, it got bigger.

Her building’s smoke alarm was triggered. She placed the pan under the sink’s tap in a panic, which fueled the flames.

As we know, water, oil, and fire don’t go together all that well.

Her utter panic is evident in her words, “I don’t know what to do, guys!” What should I do? I don’t know!”

Leaving the flaming pan behind, Caron ran out of her apartment screaming for help. Apparently, she didn’t have any fire extinguishers.

In an interview, she said, “I just freaked out.”. “I didn’t know what to do.”


Even worse (and even more hilarious) is that she holds a mechanical engineering degree.

You know, sometimes panic can get the best of us, don’t you?

Once upon a time, I learned that oil and oil fires don’t mix well with water. I had to have learned that at some point,” 

According to Caron. When I saw the huge flames, I definitely went into panic mode.”

All turned out well, thankfully.

Despite the hazardous event, we can all be thankful that she did not turn on the faucet, or else the fire would’ve multiplied exponentially.

Eventually, the fire died down and the streamer’s kitchen and building were declared safe.

With just a few mild burns to care for, she came out of it safely.

All of it was seen by Dad.

Her father apparently watched her live stream at the time and sent her an anti-fire kit, including a fire blanket, fireproof gloves, and a spray that stops oil fires quickly.

It was a great gift idea!

Additionally, Caron shares that she now knows the best and easiest technique to use in case of grease fires.

You simply cover the pan with a lid to suffocate the fire, since fire cannot survive without oxygen.

It’s now clear to you.

We all learned some great fire tips that we will never forget.

Caron may have wasted the steak, but at least he taught us what not to do in the kitchen.

Keep safety in mind the next time you prepare something in the kitchen!

Watch the video below to see the entire event!

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