Dog Is Too Scared To Step Onto An Escalator – Owner Carries Him Like A Baby

Adopting a dog usually makes it a member of the family. Pet owners would do anything to keep their pets happy and comfortable, no matter what it takes. For the love of an animal, you may have to do something strange in public.

A man and his pup were shopping in a local mall. All was well until it was time to explore the next floor. Before he could get on the escalator, the man encountered a snag.

He did not want his dog to go up that escalator. It’s easy to understand why. Humans are much less connected to their natural instincts than dogs are. Our pets spend most of their time at home, waiting for us to return from work, school, or socializing. Their time is spent doing dog things as they roam the grounds at their leisure.

Because these pups aren’t brought into society on a regular basis, they have less opportunity to become familiar with our strange methods and behaviors. It would be impossible for a dog to understand an object like a moving staircase. At home, the floor never moves.

I imagine that dogs have other questions when they see an escalator looming over them. What happens to it? Why are humans flying so high? Where does the moving belt come from? You might think the stairs were coming out of the floor if you didn’t understand how an escalator worked.

This dog stopped in his tracks when he saw the escalator shifting in front of him. Although he hesitated for a moment, his owner kept walking toward the terrifying belt. In protest, the dog dipped his front end toward the ground. While keeping his hind legs up, he crouched on his front paws.


To prove to his human that he wasn’t being defiant, he was simply scared. Instead of sitting down and acting like a “bad boy,” he bent forward to show his owner he wouldn’t get on that escalator. Fortunately, the human understood the message pretty quickly.

As soon as he turned around, he walked back up to the dog. The man displayed enormous compassion for his furry friend by not pulling on his leash and forcing him to go somewhere he didn’t feel comfortable. He bent down, wrapped his arms around the dog, and hoisted him up.

As his human sat him on his butt and wrapped his paws around his shoulders, the dog didn’t struggle at all. In a quiet and calm manner, the dog allowed himself to be maneuvered, even pushing his paw against his owner’s leg to lift himself up further.

He stepped onto the escalator with the dog in his arms. While ascending to the next level, he didn’t even glance around at the gawking shoppers. His only concern was the comfort of his precious pup.

Now that he was in his human’s arms, the dog appeared totally relaxed. Despite looking around curiously, he never struggled or tried to shift weight. The strange moving stairs simply carried him up.


Thank goodness the man was strong enough to lift the dog! It was also not a small pup. Several people wouldn’t be able to lift him like that since he was fully grown and big enough. Seeing his owner casually carry him makes you wonder how often this happens.

This is such a sweet owner, putting his pup first. Stressors and fears affect dogs just as they do humans. Rather than trying to force them to behave the way we want them to, it’s important to show compassion. An owner of a dog knows what it’s all about: love.

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