Father Sings The Song He Wrote For Daddy-Daughter Dance And Then Everyone Cries

The father-daughter dance is often one of the most emotional parts of a wedding, aside from the ceremony itself.

When a newlywed took to the dance floor to share a special moment with her dad, he surprised her with an original song he had written for her. Who could blame her, though?


At her reception, the bride’s father, Robert David, takes to the microphone and begins to speak:

Kayla texted me six months ago and asked me what song I wanted to play for our father-daughter dance. She mentioned two of my all-time favorite songs and said that one of her friends would be glad to perform them. My response to her was, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ Her response was, ‘Uh…’

There are chuckles in the audience, and you can sense that something incredibly sweet is about to happen.

In the last six months, I’ve been asked on a number of occasions what song I chose. However, I didn’t choose a song. It’s a song I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.”

Do you feel your heart melting or is it just us? During the song, a montage of photos documenting Kayla’s transition from adorable baby to beautiful bride fills the screen, including pictures of her dancing with her father. She describes her childhood and how proud her father is of the woman she has become in the lyrics.

Robert is definitely in the running for “Father of the Year.”

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