Homeless man’s birthday party for his dog warms the hearts of many, leading to a better life for all

Some people experiencing homelessness and isolation find solace in their pet companions. Seeing these animals in person gives them a reason to smile and celebrate, as did a man from Bucaramanga, Colombia, named Choko José Luis Matos.

A bystander spotted Choko and his four-legged companions, Shaggy and Nena, sitting on stairs at a local park earlier this year.

Initially, it appeared the trio was basking in the warm night air, but the party hats indicated this was a special occasion.

Shaggy’s birthday was being celebrated by the friends. Choko petted the sleepy dogs before revealing a small cake and candles. As he clapped his hands, he sang them “Happy Birthday”.

While the two dogs observed him, Choko lit the two candles on the cake. As soon as the flames were extinguished, the homeless man kissed each pup on the cheek. To cut the cake, he grabbed a small plastic knife.

Choko cut a slice of cake for each of his pets and served it on paper plates. He also got his own plate and began eating. Choko began wiping tears from his eyes while they ate.

The party hats, plates, and candles probably cost Choko money that he could have spent on food. As a loving pet owner, he knew the dogs deserved a celebration.

Choko then gave the birthday boy a hug after he finished eating his cake. His loving owner gave more kisses to the other dog.

Choko Matos and his dogs-4

Choko was approached by the person who captured the precious moment after he stopped filming to ask about their lives and offer assistance. His discovery was that Choko had escaped an abusive home and had been living on the streets for several years.

Despite not having a home or a job, Choko always looked after Shaggy and Nena. They were his only family, and he loved them dearly.

The video’s maker shared the sweet scene online, inspiring people to donate food, supplies, and money to help Choko and his family.

Other animal lovers gathered at the park where the party was held. As people took pictures of him with their own dogs, the man and his pups became overnight celebrities.

That was only the beginning of Choko’s blessings. He started his own Instagram page, which now has over 186,000 followers, thanks to someone who heard his story.

During an Instagram live, he shared his story and stated that he was originally from El Peñón. Regarding the viral video, Choko said Shaggy was celebrating his 4th birthday on that day, whereas Nena will celebrate hers in November.

The young man also shared his dreams of pursuing music and building a shelter for animals.

From his Instagram, it appears that Choko, Shaggy, and Nena now have a place to stay and a better life. As a result, he has already started giving back by creating and selling some shirts and donating a portion of the profits to help fight animal abuse.

As long as I lived on the street, I was never alone. In many sad times, my dogs brought joy; now we’ll help many more!” he shared.

It’s great to hear this trio is thriving and helping others! To see the precious moment between Choko and his dogs, click on the video below.

source : mypositiveoutlooks.com

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