A Father Captures His 1-Hour-Old Twins Chatting Adorable With Each Other

Every day, thousands of babies are born. Every day, over 385,000 babies are born. There is, however, a very small chance of having twins out of all the babies born. There is a less than four percent chance of success. There is a 3.2% chance of getting pregnant with twins.

It’s no secret that having a baby changes everything about your life. After birth, it can be hard to know what to expect as a new parent. Being able to witness two babies happy together is just as magical as birth itself! On July 10, 2014, twins started talking in their cot, so their parents grabbed the camera, filmed, and shared the adorable moment online.

It is likely that if you are a member of a big family, you are aware of one of the most natural truths in human life: siblings are bonded in a way that cannot be described in words. It is only in the case of siblings that have had a relationship since they were in the womb that this can be seen even more clearly. The fact that they may not be identical at all does not matter all that much in the end; those nine months spent together in the closest possible manner mark people for the rest of their lives.

Having twins in my life is one of the most mystifying and magical experiences I can imagine, and I love seeing videos like the one below, where twins are demonstrated in the most adorable way. 

You’ll see two newly-born girls sharing their first moments outside of mommy!

I love seeing how they try to communicate with each other. That’s interesting. Maybe that’s how they used to converse in the womb! It’s great to see people share recordings of their happiest moments online, as babies are a real blessing from heaven.

I know you’ll love watching these adorable twins have their first conversation in the video below!

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