People talk about girl in foreign language not knowing that she understands everything

“How likely is it that people are actually talking about you, and if so, what are they saying about you?” she asks.

Do you ever feel like people are talking about you behind your back even when they are smiling at you? When you’re visiting another country and don’t speak the local dialect, guess what, they probably do!

Anming Oriental Pearl is an American YouTuber who speaks multiple languages and knows what people are saying about her.

You might remember that Seinfeld episode where Elaine suspects the Korean ladies at her favorite nail salon are making fun of her. It doesn’t go well when she convinces George’s dad, a Korean war veteran, to help translate.

A viral video of Anming’s daily life as an American in Asia is just as funny as that Seinfeld episode, but the ending is very different!

In countries where darker hair and eyes are the norm, Anming really stands out with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

However, unlike most Westerners, she speaks Chinese and Japanese fluently and is learning Korean as well.

She says learning new languages has helped her come out of her shell.

There might be something strange about her name, which doesn’t sound very American to you. She adopted her Chinese name of “Anming” for social media, the reverse of a Chinese person adopting a Western name after moving abroad.

Anming asks the following question in one of her videos: 

What are the chances that people are talking about you, and if so, what are they saying? 

During a tour of a small Japanese island with a group of high schoolers, all she heard was, “Can we sneak a picture of that Russian girl.”

Finally, she confronted the teens and told them she was American.

When she spoke to them in Japanese, the boys immediately became much friendlier to her!

Most of these kids are learning English in school and would love to practice with a native speaker, but they’re too shy to ask. She wouldn’t have picked up on their intentions if she didn’t understand Japanese.

Just goes to show that not everyone is talking smack. People are curious about you and want to know more about you!

“Let’s stop being paranoid idiots.”

When you learn something other than the most popular swear words, you’re more likely to open up to someone in their native tongue.

The woman who first questioned Anming asked, “Why is your Chinese so good?”

The background chatter in the restaurant suddenly died down because all the other patrons wanted to hear what she ordered.

For being “that good,” Anming got some free dumplings in her soup.


See the rest of this story in the video below.

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