Woman ‘Stresses Out’ About Color So She Paints Her Entire Home Black

Home decor influencer Vee, better known as @herblackhouse, has a fitting handle given the transformation she and her husband carried out on their new apartment. The couple decided to paint their home entirely in black, both inside and out, since black is one of their favorite colors. 
When they purchased the brick home in 2019, it only had a dark-colored door. There was nothing that made the place stand out from its stone-colored neighbors. Vee, however, decided on the very first day that the drab color scheme needed to be drastically redone.  
“When we bought this house, it was actually all tan and it was really horrible.” The beige immediately offended the new owners. Vee described the kitchen’s warm cabinetry as cherry red, knowing she had to do something about it. 
Vee, not wanting to sleep on her impulses, immediately grabbed her paintbrushes. When we moved in, I knew I had to paint the kitchen. I painted while my husband and everyone else were moving furniture in. I was in there like, “I have to do this.”.” 
The next step in the transformation was planning the other surfaces. According to Vee, the biggest challenge was painting every single wall white and then deciding what to paint black. “I am literally obsessed with the color black. I couldn’t live without it.” She added, “Color stresses me out.”
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All of Vee’s outfits, accessories, and accouterments are in some flavor of obsidian. Her dyed pink hair is the only exception. 

It has been a mixed reception for her and her work. Vee’s content was peppered with comments questioning her monochromatic choices. She told reporters, “I think it’s a good mix of black.”. “I don’t think it’s too much, but I also don’t think it’s too little.” However, some viewers think it’s more than just dramatic and interpret the color scheme as demonic. 

Vee said, “I don’t know why people automatically assume black is negative energy.” She has posted security footage in the past, including a video of a woman looking at her home and saying, “It’s the devil’s house,” before walking away. 

“I just ignore it and move on.” Vee said when she encountered this sort of gloomy reaction.

Vee was worried about the reactions of the locals when the couple first embarked on this all-black adventure. “I was a little concerned about what this would do to the value of homeowners’ homes,” she said. 

Vee found support right outside her front door, as most of her neighbors showed enthusiastic approval. The neighborhood has adopted the all-black house as a quirk of their street as if she were their own private Morticia Adams.

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