Little-Known Supermarket Has Made The “Funniest Cat Commercial In The World”

Last year, a discount grocery store in Germany produced one of the funniest cat commercials ever. A Netto Marken commercial shows cats shopping at the grocery store like humans.
A cat pushes a shopping cart along in the hilarious commercial. A great thing about the commercial is that they are using actual cats in a shrunken down supermarket.

A cucumber is seen on the floor of the produce section of the supermarket in the video. Online videos of cats reacting to cucumbers are a must-see if you’ve never seen them.
Online videos show cat owners sneaking up on their cats with cucumbers in hand. When the cucumber is placed behind the cat, the cat usually goes crazy and jumps in the air. Cats think there is a snake lurking behind them, which explains their reaction.

Cats jump in the air and freak out when they see the cucumber in the Netto Marken commercial, which is a perfect representation of real cat reaction videos. In addition to showing cats checking out at the register, the commercial also incorporates some famous memes. In the commercial, a cat is meowing in a kind of growl, which is one of the most viral videos of all time.

Online, hundreds of millions of people have watched the cat repeatedly say no. In addition, they referenced a meme where a cat looks extremely surprised and interested. This commercial is sure to appeal to cat lovers.

Social media platforms have shared the advertisement a lot and it has gotten a lot of views online. This commercial is unique in that they use real cats and show their actual quirks on camera.

A cat gets stuck inside an isle and squeezes out a tiny hole, just like a regular house cat.

All cat owners can relate to him knocking something over when he pops out. Check out this Netto Marken cat commercial if you own a cat.

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