Deaf Infant Hears Mother Tell Her ‘I Love You’ For The First Time And Is Overcome With Emotion

Her Mommy says “I love you” for the first time to her beautiful baby girl. Most people now do it naturally. It is a breakthrough for a deaf baby. It was not easy for Charly’s parents to deal with the fact that their wonderful little girl was born deaf. A specialist and modern technology helped their daughter hear her parents’ voices for the first time.

Baby Charly’s parents became concerned when she didn’t respond to noises or vocal cues. She was taken to the doctor by her concerned parents for a hearing test. Charly was found to be hearing-impaired. It would be necessary for her to start wearing a hearing aid immediately. Charly’s hearing aid was custom-molded by a hearing specialist. She had no idea that she would react so profoundly once they turned it on.
Children born without hearing impairments are immersed in language from the moment they are born. The non-impaired children begin to recognize that certain sounds have meaning as they hear people speak.
As infants, children with hearing loss do not have this type of immersive experience. Language development is difficult for them. As a result, most doctors recommend that infants with hearing loss be fitted with hearing aids as soon as possible. 
It is important for an infant to get fitted with hearing aids as soon as possible in order to start developing those crucial language skills. Charly’s parents made it a priority to get her fitted as soon as possible. 
Charly’s development would be hindered if we waited any longer. The hearing aid was intended to give the baby girl access to sound. Her young age, however, made it difficult to predict how things would turn out. 
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They were in for a wonderful surprise. Charly’s face changed immediately after she put on the hearing aid. For the first time, she heard her mother’s voice, which brought her to tears. The expressions on her face changed as she heard more and more. 

After speaking with Charly with her hearing aids on, Charly’s mom Christy Keane said they both experienced something new. She said, “I’d never seen a face like that before.”. 
“I’m her mother, and I know the look in her eyes when she’s sad, upset, or hurting, and that connection, that moment when our eyes met and she heard my voice for the first time, that was true emotion from her,” she explained.

Charly cannot verbalize her feelings at such a young age. When she heard her mother for the first time, everyone in the room could tell she started crying. Learning to talk and developing listening skills will take time for this baby girl.
However, now the world is her playground. Charly’s world opened up when she made that critical connection with her mom. It is truly amazing what technology is capable of. She posted a video on social media and was shocked to see the wonderful response. Charly’s mom says she didn’t expect such a large response to the post. She said, “Oh, what’s the harm? I’ll make it public.” The next morning, I had a thousand shares, and by Monday, it had a million.

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