Woman Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary With Husband By Wearing Her Original Wedding Dress

Love is timeless. A romantic photoshoot was shot by their youngest granddaughter, Anna, to celebrate Nancy and Melvin Lubber’s 70th wedding anniversary. She retold her grandparents’ one-of-a-kind love story on her site, AnnaBehning.com. In Mitchell, South Dakota, the couple met at a skating rink as teenagers. 
Their wedding took place at the First Lutheran Church in Mitchell, South Dakota, on Jan. 6, 1952. Melvin was 20 years old and Nancy was 16 years old. 

Nancy wore a $35 dress from Jarold’s Shop, a dress shop in their hometown. Her simple white lace dress was paired with a $15 veil. A bouquet of red roses completed Nancy’s effortless look. However, their long marriage was not without compromise. After their blissful wedding day, Melvin was shipped off to basic training. 
After returning briefly, he was called into service for eight months as a tank commander during the Korean War. During Melvin’s time in the army, the newlyweds communicated primarily through letters, according to AnnaBehning.com.  
Seven decades later, the two lovebirds have five children: Duane, Lori, Dee Dee, Dawn, and Melissa, who have given them 12 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. With a unique photoshoot in the family garden, the South Dakota natives celebrated their 70th anniversary. 
Anna, their granddaughter and a professional wedding photographer, captured the photoshoot. Her grandparents’ love and their secrets to a healthy marriage were shared on social media by Anna. 
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It was Anna Behning’s idea that her grandmother, Nancy, wear her original wedding dress from 1952, according to Insider.

There are only a few photos of my grandparents’ wedding day,” Anna said. “I came up with the idea to photograph Grandma in her dress, and my mom, Melissa, found Grandpa’s Korean War Army suit for him to wear.”

After so many years, Nancy was thrilled to still be able to fit into her wedding dress. 

“I just kept my dress all these years because I loved it and felt good wearing it again,” she said. “We had a lot of fun reminiscing about our wedding day and enjoying the photo shoot.”

According to AnnaBehning.com, Melvin came clean to his youngest daughter Melissa and told her that their wedding rings were purchased from Knodel Jewelry in Mitchell, SD.

Melvin was delighted to see his wife wearing the same dress she wore on their wedding day 70 years ago.

“Oh boy, that certainly brought back some good memories,” he said.

With a lifetime of memories together, the couple shared the secrets they have discovered over the years to keep their marriage healthy and long lasting.

“Forget and forgive,” Nancy told me, adding that it is important to make the most of every situation in life.

“There won’t always be an agreement,” Melvin countered. “Sometimes you have a disagreement, but when you have one of those, you sit down and discuss it and come up with an answer – and once the disagreement has been resolved, don’t bring it back up again.”

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