Owner Lets Kitty Say Goodbye When His Best Friend Dies, Watch His Reaction

Emotions are present in animals just like they are in humans. They might not realize this, which could explain why they are cruel to them.

However, this should not be the case since they get hurt. There are times when animals experience distress. 

People will feel sad if someone they know dies or suffers.

This is the case with one cat who seems to have lost his best friend. He was so saddened by this that his owner recorded a video of his reaction.

The Grief of His Heart

Grief is one of the emotions cats experience, according to an article on the website of the VCA hospitals.

This is the story of two cats, Big Boy and Chuey. For most of their lives, they have been best friends. 

Chuey was wrapped in a blanket and Big Boy was allowed into the room. 

Watching this video is a heartbreaking experience. Nevertheless, it also teaches you to always consider the emotional needs of your animals.

It’s not uncommon for them to get emotional, and Big Boy is no exception.

In the video, Big Boy is seen trying to revive his friend. There is no doubt that he is very sad. With sadness written all over his little face, he moves to another part of the room after seeing that she isn’t getting up.

It was thoughtful and humane of the owner to allow Big Boy to say goodbye to his friend. You should love and care for cats and other animals.

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