Homeless Man Sits Down At Broken Piano On Sidewalk— Bystanders Draw Near To Listen

An homeless man played a lovely, lilting piece of music at a derelict piano in Kiev in 2017 for passersby who stopped to listen. Although he had little material possessions, he was rich in artistic talent.

Variations on the theme

It began with a ringing series of chords; a call to attention that something remarkable was about to happen. In a minor key, the theme of the piece is simple and a bit sad at first.

Around the scene, you can see other themes and variations. There are small, new leaves on the tree behind the piano. The audience is dressed for cool weather. The men wear jackets, hats, jeans, and heavy shoes. Children make up a large part of the audience. There were many repetitions of the music, played without any sheet music in front of the pianist. There was a distinct difference between each variation.

Despite not being terribly out of tune, the piano had obviously seen better days. Strings and hammers were exposed on the side of the wooden frame, which appeared to have splintered. A piano would not survive the elements without a lot of care.

Also, the player appeared to be derelict and damaged. The condition of his hair and clothing indicates that life has not been easy for him. There is a white plastic shopping bag full of items at his feet. His? 

He played on an ordinary street. In the background, there appear to be small kiosks or tent shops and chairs can be seen in the distance, the type walkers in an outdoor mall might use to rest and study their purchases.

The player’s identity is unknown. We don’t know his name or story, nor do we know where the piano on the street came from. Neither introductions nor applause accompany this fleeting moment of music. Please share his expertise and the crowd’s enjoyment even though we don’t know his story.

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