Customer thanks restaurant staff with a heartwarming note and a massive $1000 tip

A number of cities went into lockdown in March to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. With the economy in need of a boost, establishments are opening up cautiously, keeping the pandemic in mind. However, for some people, going to work during a pandemic is just another day at work.

A number of challenges face restaurants in particular, but they are back in business to ensure their businesses survive and recover.

Although enterprises opened their doors to the public, the pandemic’s stresses – lockdown isolation, uncertainty, and lost livelihoods and income, among others – remain visible.

When a patron left a lovely surprise for the restaurant owner and staff at The Starving Artist in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, this was brought to light.

After enjoying a meal at the restaurant, the regular customer left staff in tears. According to restaurant owner Arnold Teixeira, the customer and his family ate their meal and left without saying a word. The waiter serving them started crying when she saw the tip. Then another member of my staff saw it and started crying, too. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but cry. Since this has been a really difficult time for us, it was extremely emotional.”

The customer, who wants to remain anonymous, left a massive tip along with a heartwarming note after eating breakfast.

working day
Courtesy of Arnold Teixeira

“Thank you so much for working through this tough time. Your delicious food, warm smiles, and great atmosphere are much appreciated… Please know how much we appreciate you. There wouldn’t be a good summer without the Starving Artist.”

There was a generous tip left by the client – $1000 on a $43 bill, roughly a 2,400% tip.

Ocean Grove’s Starving Artist just celebrated 21 years in business, having opened in June 1999. Located in the historic Day’s building, built in 1876, it has served the community as a food hub for over a century.

The Starving Artist has been a favorite among locals and visitors since 1998, when Teixeira took over the eatery at Day’s from his family.

As with most businesses affected by the pandemic, The Starving Artist was struggling. Teixeira shared that he wasn’t even sure if the restaurant would survive. In spite of this, his staff went to the restaurant and treated the pandemic like it was just another day at work

working day
Courtesy of Arnold Teixeira

“It just kept getting worse. At one point, I was preparing for the possibility that we might not be able to reopen. In the middle of summer, we don’t even make half what we usually do,” he said.

It was definitely a relief for the staff to receive the client’s gesture. Teixeira wrote on Facebook: “This act of generosity and kindness goes beyond words!” The entire staff shared it. We all cried when we read the note that accompanied the check! We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.”

Teixeira and his team report to the restaurant as usual as a regular working day, motivated by this act of kindness.

 Teixeira admits it can be exhausting after a while to ensure the safety and health of customers and staff while providing quality service.

However, the tip indicates that their efforts have been noticed. More than anything, it restored their faith in humanity and lifted their spirits.


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