Cop who handled boy’s stolen bike case surprised him with a new one on his birthday

Bryan Jeffery, 7, was heartbroken when an unidentified man stole his bicycle. Days before his birthday, the kid’s Christmas gift bike was stolen, leaving him crushed. There were kindhearted people in his community who went above and beyond to bring back the little boy’s smile.


A young boy’s stolen bike was reported to the Conway Police Department one day. Bryan and his sister were inside a Walmart store near their apartment complex when the theft occurred. Detective Tim Gray, the officer assigned to the case, treated it with urgency. After learning that he would be celebrating something special in the near future, he sympathized with the boy.

Upon receiving this case, I noticed that his birthday was on the 23rd. “That’s awful for a 6-year-old to lose his bicycle just before his birthday,” Detective Gray told the Log Cabin Democrat.


A few days later, he and his team found security footage of the man stealing the bike. In an effort to identify the thief, they shared the clip on Facebook. 

Next day, the suspect returned the bike to its original location. Despite getting the bike back, Detective Gray felt there was more he could do to make the boy happy.

“I thought nobody took a little boy’s bike,” he said. Then I thought, “I’ll just buy him another bicycle.”

Fortunately, others were willing to assist him. Several members of the community contacted the department to ask what could be done for the boy. A woman found a bicycle that looked almost identical to the stolen bike. In addition, the detective was able to get Bryan a helmet and a bike lock so he can always stay safe while riding. Additionally, they arranged a surprise birthday party for Bryan with a bounce house and Batman cake donated by Bryan’s family.


The detective arrived Saturday with Bryan’s new bike, and Bryan’s eyes widened when he realized it was for him. In the emotional moment, he burst into tears and hugged his mother, who also teared up. It turns out they weren’t the only ones.

Detective Gray said that just seeing his reaction was priceless. There must have been some dust in the air because my eyes watered.”

After the surprise, he stayed to celebrate Bryan’s special day with his family. As they took pictures, the detective made sure he matched the Batman theme.


“There were a lot of people coming together for Bryan,” Detective Gray recalled. I won’t say right a wrong, but correct a wrong as best we can. “It’s great that the whole community of central Arkansas came together for this.”

The love and support Bryan’s mom, Carmen Jeffery, received was overwhelming.

“I am definitely in awe of law enforcement and the police department, especially Detective Gray,” she said. It was a special birthday for my son, and I appreciate everyone’s concern.


Bryan’s socially distanced birthday party was also attended by several department members. When he grows up, the boy dreams of being like them.

In pre-K, they asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up,” Carmen said. “He dressed up as a police officer, and he still wants to be either a police officer or a firefighter. It’s just that he wants to help people.”

Detective Gray also tried out the bounce house. He slipped down the giant inflatable slide with Bryan before the bash ended.

 Everyone was very happy on that day!

See Bryan’s priceless reaction to his new bike in the video below.

SOURCE : mypositiveoutlooks.

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