Mother & daughter scrape up savings to buy home together not knowing squatters won’t let them move in

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Bricks and beams make up a house. Hopes and dreams make up a home.” – Unknown

Who doesn’t want to own their own home? Having your own place, free from the monthly obligation of renting.

Owning a home is a dream come true.

Jen Larsen and her mother, Donna Edmonds, decided that buying a home was the best decision they had ever made.

In response to the pandemic, many establishments increased their rents this year, including Larsen and Edmonds.

“My mom and I bought a house together about two months ago as our rents were going up dramatically, about $500 each,” said Jen Larsen to Fox 5 Las Vegas.

Although they had a difficult time producing the money, they were excited for the new chapter in their lives.

Larsen has three adorable kids who will love playing in their soon-to-be four-bedroom, three-bathroom house.

Donna Edmonds, Larsen’s mother, said, “We scraped and scrimped to get this.”


On Leadville Meadows Drive, they found a 2,700+ square foot house for sale. There was a lot of space in the house, and the neighborhood was peaceful and quiet.

Until the situation turned into a nightmare, it was their dream home.

Larsen explained that the seller asked for a huge favor from them. I asked if they could have another seven days to completely vacate the house.

According to the previous owner, they needed the money to move out. Larsen understood their situation and agreed. This agreement was included in their closing documents.

In those seven days, someone moved into their home and won’t leave.

Their home was occupied by someone who refused to leave.

According to Larsen’s deed, their home closed on March 4. It has been a month since the women moved in, but they never got the chance.

By law, it was their home, and they have the documents.

“I’m not able to eat.”. My sleep is disturbed. “It’s been really, really stressful,” Edmonds said in her interview.

It’s hard not to feel this way, isn’t it? You worked so hard to earn the money, and now you can’t even move into your own home?

The FOX5 reporter got a copy of the eviction notice and went to the home to get the other side of the story.

Lights were on inside, but no one answered.


Someone else pulled in just as they were leaving. A blue truck with a bicycle pulled into the driveway of the home.

Fox5 reporter Kim Passoth visited them to ask about the house.

Kim Passoth: Do you live in this home?

Man: No, I’m not.

Kim Passoth: Are you not staying at this home?

Man: No.

Kim Passoth: Did you just come for a visit?

Man: Yes. Thank you, I don’t want to appear on camera.

Kim Passoth: Because the owners of this home say the people living here are squatting here.

Fox5 received an email from the woman accompanying the man from the blue truck.

According to her, she is the one occupying the house and has every right to do so. According to her, she has a legal lease from the previous owner, which runs until July 2.

News channel people asked for a copy, but no file has been sent yet.

We’re either going to be homeless or we’re going to have to figure it out. The woman is living in our home that we paid for… she has been living there for free. “We haven’t received a dime from anyone,” Larsen said.

I was heartbroken to see a family having difficulty moving into their own home.

Larsen’s house has been occupied by a squatter for several months, but there have been no reports or updates regarding the squatter.

Below is the full video.

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