Twins Hold Hands Together As Their Mom Captures Their First Exchange

Everyone enjoys growing up with a brother or sister. You have a ready playmate just steps away when you’re young. Siblings also have incredible bonds as adults, always available to lend a hand or to talk when you need it most.

Twins have a particularly strong bond. In their mother’s womb, twins grow together and share birthdays, first days of school, and other major milestones with their mother. According to a new viral video, some twins are so close that they have developed their own language and communication system.

Two twin baby girls lie on a bed next to one another in the cute video. As she gurgled and grabbed her sister’s hand, the twin on the right began their conversation. The little girl on the left joins in with her own coos and wraps her fingers around her sister’s.

As adults, we cannot understand the twins’ baby talk, but those who have seen the video have their own theories. A commentator jokes that they are gossiping about the 4-month-old twins down the street, while another thinks they are complaining about their new formula.

Joking aside, studies have shown there is an undeniable bond between twin siblings. Very Well Family reports that twins may sense a psychic sense that “something is wrong” when their other sibling is experiencing a traumatic situation or physical pain. When separated, twins have also been shown to share similar preferences, such as liking similar foods.

According to an article published in the Journal of the National Library of Medicine, twins also develop personal languages.

 Approximately 40 percent of twins develop autonomous language, idioglossia, or cryptophasia. One can surmise that the two little girls in the video are developing their own way of communicating as their autonomous languages fade with time.

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