Bride Considers Deleting Friend’s Engagement Photos Because They Were Taken At Her Wedding

Marriage is a momentous event in a couple’s life. As they are surrounded by their closest friends and family members, their wedding day will most likely be filled with love and happiness. The happy couple will certainly remember this day forever.

In spite of the joyous nature of weddings, there are a few unspoken rules most people follow on the big day. 

It is a cardinal sin to wear white on a wedding day unless the dress code specifically permits it. Another unspoken rule is not to do anything super extravagant, like getting engaged, to steal the spotlight from the happy couple. One bride’s friend seemed to ignore the latter on her wedding day.

On Reddit, a bride asked users if she would be wrong for deleting her friend’s engagement photos in July 2020. Although it seemed cruel, her story won people over, and many users supported her. Despite having a very tight budget, the bride was lucky enough to have a friend of a friend be her wedding photographer. It turned out that the photographer not only captured some wonderful moments of the wedding, but also of her friend’s engagement. The bride didn’t even know her friend got engaged at her wedding until afterward.

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When she received the photos, the bride wasn’t sure what to do with them. After her up-and-down friendship brought up some old scars, she sought advice from Reddit users.

The original poster (OP) discussed how important it was to have beautiful yet affordable wedding photos in her Reddit post. “I got married last fall,” she said. In my area, fall means the trees are changing colors. It’s a wedding picture to die for.”

“Well, I got them.” OP explained that she and her partner didn’t have a large budget, so they hired a friend of a friend to take their wedding pictures. The work was good, and the photographer was very kind. “The only thing is, for what she charges, and since it’s more of a hobby, you won’t get your pictures right away,” she said. “Well, I got them.”

She found out her friend was engaged a few days after her wedding. “I was ecstatic and wanted to know everything,” she said. “Turns out she got engaged at my wedding.” 

OP explains, “We did have a discussion about it, and she didn’t seem to understand why I was upset until I put it into perspective for her, asking her how she would feel if I made a big announcement at her wedding, taking the attention away from her big moment.”.

Although the two made up and moved forward, OP has been friends with her wedding photographer since her wedding day, and recently received some upsetting news. When she received her wedding photos, she also received her friend’s engagement photos. 

She took engagement pictures for OP’s friend while everyone was still at the wedding, but didn’t realize what was happening until she had already started taking them.

According to the OP, “when she asked me what to do, I told her that accidents happen, so just put them in a separate folder. Since then, I’ve been wondering what to do with that folder. She has asked about my wedding pictures periodically, but not specifically about hers.”

It was difficult for the bride to decide what to do. Since they are my property anyway, I want to delete the folder. However, she didn’t want to be rude. OP confessed, “I haven’t forgiven her as much as I originally thought.”

Even though many Reddit users agreed that OP would be cruel for deleting her friend’s engagement photos, they still supported her decision. A user summed it up well by saying:

“She cheated you out of your money.” No matter how much it was. Engagement photos cost money, wedding photos cost money. The user also suggested that OP sell the engagement photos to her friend at the photographer’s rate because she KNEW what she was doing when she asked the photographers to take those photos.

According to OP, “I didn’t consider that, although it wasn’t thousands of dollars.”. Since our budget was pretty tight, she doesn’t charge nearly as much as she should. It’s worth asking her how much she would have charged, though. From there, I’ll have a better idea of what to do.”

Is it wrong to get engaged at someone else’s wedding? If you were in this bride’s shoes, what would you do? Share this with your friends and family.

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  1. This is the bride’s day ..Little did she know about the friend’s engagement.Just give her the pics and don’t worry about it