Lost Dog Returns Home And Rings Doorbell At 3 A.M. After Getting Spooked By Fireworks

It was early in July 2021 that a labrador-Catahoula leopard mix dog named Rajah ran away after it got started by fireworks near the family’s house in Greenville, South Carolina. Over seven hours later, the sweet dog returned and rang the doorbell to be let in. The entire incident was captured by the home’s doorbell camera. 

It was 3 a.m. when Mary Lynn Whitacre heard the sound of her doorbell ringing. Her first thought when she saw Rajah outside was that someone had returned her, and they had rung the doorbell, but the video clearly shows it was the dog. Whitacre said she was covered in thorns and dirt, so she must have been having fun.  

Rajah was in the backyard with her dog sibling, Ollie, a 2-month-old shepherd mix. Rajah jumped the fence and ran away after being frightened by the loud boom. Despite her best efforts, Whitacre was unable to locate her dog. In order to aid in the search, she emailed local shelters and posted pictures of Rajah online.

Fortunately, Rajah’s good instincts led to a happy ending, and the dog made it home safely. In spite of this, the story serves as a good reminder to watch pets closely when fireworks go off, as they can become very frightened by loud noises. Find out more about Rajah’s amazing story from Whitacre.

See the full video at the end of this article 🙂 

There was a feeling that Rajah would be bothered by the fireworks, according to the dog owner. In an interview with Times Now News, Whitacre said, “She was in the backyard with our other dog, when our neighbor started shooting off fireworks, and I knew she’d be scared. I went to the backyard – and she was gone.” Rajah didn’t waste much time fleeing the sound.

Rajah’s owners searched everywhere for her fearful of what might happen to her. My husband came home, and I drove around looking for her. We were ready to call all the shelters, but she just showed up and rang the doorbell. 

It was unclear where Rajah learned how to use the doorbell. Whitacre said, “I have never shown her how to do that. I don’t even know how she did it.”. She has never seen us use the doorbell in the front yard.

Whitacre’s husband heard the dog arrive. “Ryan was waiting around on the porch to see if she’d pop up. When he saw her on the porch, he ran and got her.” Fortunately, Rajah was not hurt, just very dirty and startled.

Rajah’s expression when she got home was priceless. She acted as if she had done something wrong in the video, and her face looked hilarious. Whitacre shared, “She thought she was in trouble and sulking, but we said, ‘we’re just glad you’re back.'” We couldn’t stop laughing. 

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