Teen With Functional Needs Visits Mom’s Grave To Proudly Tell Her He Graduated

The graduation from anything is a major milestone in life, and it is often celebrated with those closest to us, especially family. It marks the time when we transition from childhood to early adulthood, take on new responsibilities, and celebrate the fact that we are ready to take on the world.

It’s difficult when the people you love and who have supported you can’t attend your graduation. People we love can sometimes be unable to make it for a variety of reasons, and sometimes they are sadly no longer with us. These people are always sorely missed, and their absence can weigh heavily on the minds of those who are graduating, regardless of the reason.

The high school graduation of Paul Marshall Jr., a Louisiana functional needs teen, was not shared with his mother, LaTanya Delphine Wilson Marshall, since she passed away in 2010. As a result, she was sadly unable to see him graduate in 2020. On the day of his graduation, he went to her grave and told her about his achievement anyway, despite that.

Despite the fact that Paul Jr.’s mother wasn’t physically present on graduation day, her spirit was more than present when he proudly told LaTanya: “I did it.” Continue reading to learn more about this emotional yet heartwarming moment a young man shared with his mom – and with the world.

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This touching video shows what happened to Paul Jr., a teen with functional needs whose mother passed away in 2010. The young man’s mother had always been there for him until cancer tragically took her away. In his young life, Paul Jr. already had a rough life: born with only one functioning kidney and a defective heart, Paul Jr. had several moments of touch-and-go. Additionally, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. According to KSLA, Paul Marshall Jr. never lost his optimism despite all of this:

“When you’re having a bad day, or going through something, Paul Jr. is the person you want to be around and talk to.”

As heartbreaking as it was heartwarming, Paul Sr. revealed the reason behind his son’s wish to include his late mother on graduation day: 

Her last dying words were, ‘I just want Paul Jr. to graduate.'”

Any good mother can understand this wish. As Paul Jr. approached graduation, he was determined that even though his mom was no longer alive, he would tell her of his achievement and include her in his celebration. 

The moment was captured on video, which has since been shared online, allowing us all to honor the young man’s achievements.

As seen in the video posted to YouTube, the teenager wore a button-up shirt, tie, and pants on his big day. While holding a bouquet, he walked through the cemetery to her grave. Upon reaching her grave, he told his mother the good news. According to him:

My mommy, I have a message for you. I graduated today, and I know you’re so happy for me. I love you so much.”

After placing the flowers on his mother’s grave, Paul Jr. kissed his fingers and then touched her tombstone. I found the moment so precious because it was clear how deserving and proud the boy was to have graduated, and how proud his mother would be to see the young man he had grown into. At the tender moment, his father was clearly overcome with emotion.

Paul Jr. told KSLA he would miss high school: “I’m very sad about leaving high school.” He also said he planned to attend Bossier Parish Community College. Paul Jr. will achieve his life goals, we are sure. No matter what he accomplishes, his mother will surely be proud of him.

Congratulations to the young man on graduating high school – he should be very proud of himself for his hard work and also for including his mother in the celebration.

How did you feel about this touching video? What are some of your moving graduation stories? 

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source : apost.com

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