Woman Wants Fiancé To Send His 4-Year-Old Away Or Put Her Up For Adoption Because She Gets On Her Nerves

Originally shared in a private Facebook group, a post has taken the world by storm with its sheer audacity and cold-heartedness. The shocking post has been shared on multiple social media platforms, completely blowing away anyone who reads it. In order to deal with a tricky situation she was facing, a woman sought advice from an advice service. In addition, she wanted her fiancé to either give up or give up his 4-year-old daughter for adoption.

She didn’t like the little girl because she constantly needed her father’s attention. She had been attached to her dad’s hip ever since her mother passed away. The woman was not happy about this, especially since she and her fiancé were expecting a baby. Seven months pregnant and expecting to get married soon, the woman was determined to make sure she and her baby were given priority by her fiancé.

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In order to make sure her biological child would get all the love, care and attention she deserves, the woman wanted her fiancé to get rid of their own daughter so they could be a happy family without her. The fiancée used the advice social media channel to ask for advice on how to handle the situation. Sadly, the post has been shared across other platforms, leaving people stunned at how selfish and controlling this woman is.

In December 2020, a screenshot of a post on a Facebook page called Talks With Mee became a viral thread on Reddit. The subject line of the post read: “I want my fiancé to get rid of his 4-year-old daughter.” The message was even more appalling than the subject line, as the woman detailed why she couldn’t stand the child.

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@Talkswithmee, I need some advice from your mommies,” the woman said. She explained that her fiancé had a daughter from a previous marriage whose mother passed away shortly after the girl was born. Her fiancé raises her on his own since then. 

As she explained, “I am now in the picture and we plan to get married in 2022.”. In addition, I am seven months pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. As a stepmother, I wouldn’t treat his daughter the same way I would treat our child, to be quite honest, she gets on my nerves.”

Since the little girl looks just like her mother, it’s an ongoing reminder of the fiancé’s deceased wife. In this case, the woman explained she wanted to ensure that her biological daughter would receive all her fiancé’s attention, meaning that his 4-year-old daughter should not be included. It’s going to take away from my child’s bond with her father,” she said. “She is very attached to her daddy.”.

The woman continued, “I basically want to tell my fiancé to get rid of her, and we can have her live with her grandparents or find her a family that’s looking to adopt.” However, she wasn’t sure how to have this conversation with her partner. As she explained, “I promise I am not a bad person, I’m just trying to make sure my daughter receives all of her daddy’s attention without her older sister interfering.”

This situation appalled Reddit users. A user commented, “This is one of the worst, sickest things I’ve ever read on bridezilla.”. “I hope Buddy smells the coffee, wakes up, and tells her to take a flying leap.”

Another user said, “I cannot even imagine someone feeling this way about their SO’s child. The user continued, “My girlfriend is pregnant with our baby and has a 2-year-old son.” “I love her son like my own, and I would never wish anything bad on him.” This is a package deal.”

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The woman’s idea of making her partner get rid of his daughter was absolutely shocking to anyone who read her message, despite her struggles to develop a deep connection with her partner’s child. Basically, she wanted to ensure that the little girl grew up without parents so she could have her fiancé’s attention for herself and for her biological child.

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  1. Most women are wired that way. The woman wants to protect her young baby and feels that the child’s father that the child is a threat to her child. A man is wired differently. He will take on as many kids as a woman has. However, if they break up he usually runs away. That’s how men are wired. It’s just biology. Remember how a animal protect their young and snubs other young.

    1. What a heartless selfish woman she is. I hope her fiance` is a real man and stands up for his little girl. Of course the little girl is attached to her daddy’s hip he has been the only one in her entire life after her mother died. How can someone be so callous as to demand a father send his child away because “she gets on my nerves” the little girl is 4 yrs old FFS.