The last words his mother said to him were, “Love Everybody.” Now he’s doing just that

There is something about random acts of kindness that have a way of adding up over time. One Florida man’s eight-year journey has gone viral on Twitter thanks to Kevin Cate, despite the fact that they often go unnoticed, thanks to Kevin Cate.

Kevin noticed the man while he was at a Waffle House in Midway with his friends. Due to the fact that he was attaching notes to money, he caught his attention. In response to my question, the man replied that he had been handing out $1s and $5s to strangers since 2014, when I asked him what he was doing.

Over the last few years, he claims that he has given away more than $13,000 to strangers of all ages, often at his favorite restaurant, Waffle House, where he frequently eats. There is a note attached to each one. In order to learn more about these notes, Kevin was naturally eager to find out more about them.

This kind man has made a positive impact on countless people over the years, including thousands of people who have seen his story on Twitter alone. It seems that other people are now being prompted to either share their own “love everybody” stories or to go out and come up with their own.

Thanks to the anonymous generous man in Midway, Florida. Your mom would be so proud of you!

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