Grocery Store Worker Steps Up To Help Pay For Struggling Grandmother’s $137 Bill

An unassuming H-E-B grocery store in Annabelle, Texas, helped a family in need in April 2022. Upon entering the check-out line with her grandchildren, a grandmother discovered that her government assistance card had limited funds. As she panicked, the woman quickly removed the majority of the food, leaving only a few essential items for dinner that evening.

As a result, the aisle’s bag attendant intervened. Despite being a student herself, the girl offered to pay the grocery bill, which totaled over $100. Initially, the grandmother resisted, knowing the total bill was large. H-E-B employee Maria Balboa, however, felt compelled to assist. 

On Friday, during Balboa’s next shift, she was called into her manager’s office. Balboa was shown a survey sent to the store. The grandmother had written it and described their interaction.

“I went to HEB with my two grandsons today.” The grandmother continued, explaining the family’s situation, saying, “Money has been tight for us. Having to pay child care, TMPM, and other expenses.” She then relayed the conversation to the cashier. “My food stamp card only had $19, so I was short $119,” she said. “The young girl bagging our food offered to pay after I told the cashier I would only be taking chicken and bread and butter for dinner tonight. The young lady offered to pay.”

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Continuing, the grandmother said. “I had to hold back my tears.” 

Balboa said she simply heard a voice in her head tell her, “Pay for the groceries, Maria!!!” She acted on that impulse, knowing she “would get the money back on payday, while (this family) might not.”

As a result of this gesture, the grandmother wrote, “Today she made me cry, but happy tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.” She also wrote, “I wish I could have gotten her name. I would like to thank you personally again.” Hence, perhaps the survey is needed. Afterwards, the grandmother explained how the act had stayed with her. “I can’t stop thinking about how kind she was to help us. I have helped many people in my life, and today someone so young helped me,” she said. “It’s tough knowing how you’re going to make it the next day, but today that feeling was lifted. Thank you.”

Balboa’s manager told her, “We can’t teach someone to have heart.” He later told reporters, “It really talks about her, and reaching out, and taking care of someone in need.” “It’s very special considering she’s in school and just trying to make ends meet,” he added.

“Be kind,” Balboa said, “because you never know what someone else is going through, and you could make a difference in their life.” With her actions, Balboa proved that strangers are still capable of kindness. 

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