Kindhearted man gets creative to warm up a pigeon shivering outside his window

Sometimes, we all need a little compassion and warmth.

A man from Turkey displayed incredible empathy and kindness by trying to warm a pigeon in the most creative way.

On a chilly day, Sabahattin  Yılmaz was at home. A cold and wet pigeon was perched on the ledge outside his window after a rain shower had passed.


Shivering and soaked, the animal had no chance to seek shelter before the rain started.

Yılmaz thought of a way to dry the poor pigeon.

Rather than picking him up and bringing him inside to warm up, Yılmaz used a hairdryer to dry him off. His neighbor captured the entire moment on video, which he was unaware of.

The clip shows Yılmaz leaning out of his window. To reach the pigeon, he stretched his arm as far as he could. Crouching to let his outer feathers dry, the bird let the man warm him up.

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Yılmaz, who is from Sultangazi, Turkey, told news outlets that he spent about fifteen minutes drying off the bird. He said he had just opened his window when he saw the pigeon. Due to the cold and rainy weather, he described it as wet and “about to freeze.”.

The pigeon ate birdseed happily after fifteen minutes of waiting for Yılmaz to give it to him. Despite this, the bird remained wet.

As Yılmaz recalls, after the pigeon recovered, I warmed it up again, and after eating a good amount of seed, it flew away.

Additionally, he wasn’t aware he was being recorded and that the video was being shared online. It was simply out of kindness on his part.

I did it because the pigeon was a living creature and deserved to live,” he explained.

This injured baby bird was rescued by the kindest people in another similar story.

On a Saturday night, Uber driver Christy Gunn received a pickup notification. As soon as she arrived at the location, she felt worried.

Her car was about to be filled with four men who were clearly intoxicated.

“When I got there, three or four guys were holding beers in the yard,” Christy recalled. I’m like, ‘Oh no.’ I hope they know they can’t bring their beer in my car.”

Christy wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Tim Crowley, one of the men, came up to her window and told her that they had found a Lesser Goldfinch that needed immediate medical attention.

Initially, it was a joke, like, “Hey, maybe we should just call Uber!’” Tim said. Then we said, “No, really.”. What’s the problem? They’re getting paid.”

He said they couldn’t drive the bird to the center since they’d had a few drinks. Christy was asked if she was willing to take it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.

The first driver rejected their request after learning about their odd request, so they booked Christy as their second driver.

The Uber driver agreed, and the men handed her the little bird in a box. As a temporary bed, its rescuers padded it with a few leaves. After Christy drove to the location, she brought the bird to the facility.

Christy appreciated that the men were responsible enough to know they should not drive given their condition, aside from rescuing the bird.

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