Dad Posted This Photo Of His Daughter And It sᴀᴠᴇᴅ Her Life

His dad posted this photo of his daughter and it saved her life

As new parents, we love taking pictures of our babies and ourselves. But this dad had no idea he was about to save his daughter’s life when he took a funny picture of her…

He took a picture of his daughter in her first bath and posted it online because he found her expression funny.

The father uploaded the photo to social media, and the image gained a lot of attention. There were thousands of comments on the photo, with funny comments like “She’s going to marry a poor guy without tattoos.”


Is the color of the eyes a little yellow? It looks like that to me, but it’s hard to tell since the whole picture is yellow. Most likely, it’s nothing, but it could be a sign of jaundice. You might want to check her skin and eyes if they appear yellow. As a paranoid pediatrician, I am concerned.” ” ”

His father immediately took his daughter to the doctor after hearing this comment. Doctor’s paranoid comment was confirmed: newborn had jaundice, and the doctor probably saved her life.

In young children, jaundice is common, but if left untreated, it can be fatal or cause severe brain d.a.m.a.g.e. It may seem pointless to post and read comments online, but this time you saved her life! My kudos go out to the caring doctor. More caring people like him are definitely needed.

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