Groom’s Ex-girlfriend Gate Crashed At His Wedding In Wedding Dress, Leave Bride In Shock

One man’s ex-girlfriend crashes his wedding in a viral video.

Would you go to any lengths to get someone back?

Former lovers who are still not committed to another relationship are likely to try again when they talk again.

However, others are not so accepting that their ex-lover has found someone else to love. They even resort to shocking acts that will leave everyone hurt, confused, and aghast.

At a wedding, an unbelievable scene unfolded in a video circulating in China.

A recording of the wedding shows a groom and two brides. One is his fiancé, and the other is his ex-girlfriend.

A 30-second clip showed the groom’s ex-girlfriend wearing a wedding gown crash into his wedding.

In front of the groom, the ex-girlfriend kneels.

Pulling the hems of his coat and his hand, she begged him to get back together with her. It was probably a mixture of shock and confusion for everyone in the ceremony.

As the couple were about to share their wedding kiss, the ex-lover crashed into the ceremony.

The groom stuck by his bride throughout the ordeal.

Despite the drama, the bride was equally mortified. She snatched her hand away from her groom and marched out of the embarrassing scene. However, no one could blame her.

In vain, the host attempted to keep the ceremony on track. As reported by the Daily Mail, the emcee said “we have an unexpected situation here”, and “perhaps this is the reality of love”.

We’ll never know if it was an elaborate prank. Throughout the short clip, the emotional and mental damage is evident.

An entertainment blogger first uploaded the clip.

Since it was shared on social media, it has become viral. Hunan Legal Channel reports that the groom broke up with the woman due to personality differences.

Apparently, the ex-girlfriend said “it was my fault” and asked for forgiveness and a second chance.

It was definitely a whole new level of “Or forever hold your peace.”.

Not only did she object to the union, but she did so in full wedding attire, perhaps thinking the ceremony would be for her and her ex-lover.

There’s a proper venue for things like these, regardless of what the full story behind this shocking story is.

The ex-girlfriend’s actions were condemned on Weibo, a social media site in China.

The viewer wrote: “This is more than inappropriate.”. From the standpoint of the bride, how could the wedding carry on?” 

In light of the amount of time and resources invested in the wedding.

The sentiments of others were echoed in another comment, which urged people not to destroy other people’s relationships for their own selfish reasons. Another said that they could not see it on TV.

How do you feel about this?

This ex-girlfriend takes “wedding crasher” to a whole new level.

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