Inspirational Teen With Autism Uses 65,000 Legos To Build Largest Toy Replica Of Titanic

The 17-year-old Icelandic resident Brynjar Karl Birgisson is autistic. Legos and the Titanic fascinate him. The largest Lego Titanic model in the world was built in 2013 by combining his interests.

It took Birgisson 700 hours over 11 months to complete this enormous project. In addition, he needed about 56,000 Lego pieces to finish building his spacecraft, but after a front component cracked, that amount increased to 65,000. Finished dimensions were 24 feet long and 5 feet high.

“The Lego boy” is now known all over the world as Birgisson. He has toured the world with his model. Several museums in Germany, Norway, and Sweden have displayed it. The Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has begun displaying Birgisson’s model since October 2019. It remained there into the year 2020.

In a Q&A with Birgisson, the museum discussed his idea. The stern’s collapse caused Birgisson to lose patience and feel like giving up a few times. During his project, he also talked about how his mother and grandfather supported him.

Birgisson still amazes viewers all over the world with his incredible Lego creations. Check out what Birgisson has produced and what lies ahead for “the Lego guy” by reading on.

According to Titanic Pigeon Forge, Birgisson’s grandpa helped him with the calculations to ensure that his model was accurate. Based on his assumptions, he assumed that a Lego man of four centimeters would be the same height as a person of 1.75 meters (5’8′′). 

As a result, he knew what size the model needed to be, as well as how many Lego bricks would be needed to construct it.

Birgisson’s mother helped him with tasks that required an adult, such as finding a warehouse to build the model in or using online crowdsourcing. Additionally, she assisted him with the interview process.

In a TED Talk, Birgisson discussed his concept and the challenges he faced. He describes an “x factor” as a unique talent in his book My Autistic X Factor, which he also wrote. According to Birgisson, everyone possesses an X factor that makes them unique; they may just need some time to discover it.

Birgisson also discusses his latest endeavor, a documentary titled How the Titanic Became My Lifeboat, on his website. Birgisson’s model and how it benefited him are the focus of the film.

Attractions Magazine reports that it premiered in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in March 2020. According to Birgisson, his film will increase public understanding of autism and inspire businesses and institutions to be more understanding.

Birgisson keeps coming up with new Lego creations. His friend Mikael and he flew to Denmark in May 2022 to exhibit their Lego Boeing 737 at the Frederiksberg Center in Copenhagen. Let’s see what this amazing person comes up with next!


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