‘It’s Never Too Late’: 85-year-old Florida Woman Graduates From College

In an effort to inspire and advise others, a Florida woman who pursued her dream of earning a college degree now shares her experience.

Arlyne Frankel, 85, retired at the age of 79 after working her entire life. She served as a marketing and fund-raising consultant for PBS.

As a divorced woman, alone with children and grandchildren, she decided to fulfill her life’s purpose.

My initial goal was to work until the day I died, so I considered taking on another position. At least, that’s what I believed. I decided not to return to my job after some reflection. I thought I would live to the end. What will I be doing? Her message to “GMA3” was, “I want to achieve my goals.”

At first, she dreamed of having her Bat Mitzvah, a Jewish coming-of-age celebration celebrated around a child’s thirteenth birthday. As a child, she always wanted one, but could not have one. During her Bat Mitzvah, Frankel told the audience she intended to finish college.

VIDEO: Florida resident graduates college at 85 years old

At the age of 18, Frankel enrolled in Boston University for the first time, but he did not complete the program.

In the second year, she said, “I quit and stopped.” “Among other unpleasant things, I was having financial difficulties.” My grades made studying difficult.

After returning to school later in life, Frankel discovered she had a learning problem, which contributed to her lack of motivation.

“Because I didn’t know I had a learning disability, I assumed I wasn’t very smart. Since I didn’t have someone who could tell me what was wrong with me, I gave up. Frankel claimed that over time,

 By working hard and succeeding, she overcame her lack of college education.

“I never got over that feeling of failing,” she said. Then I moved to New York, where I worked hard and took on numerous jobs while learning how to live. My hometown is a small one, but I have made progress over the years. It took a lot of courage and self-confidence for me to accomplish this. As a result of my accomplishments and errors, I gained knowledge. With each job I had, I gained a little more knowledge. Over the course of the week, I worked extremely hard and put in extra hours.

Frankel enrolled at Florida International University at the age of 80.

She claimed to have completed the program in five years.

Source: goodmorningamerica.com

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