Woman creates brilliantly-designed tiny home for elderly mom who’d like to stay independent

Her mom is able to enjoy her senior years in this beautiful home, while maintaining her independence at the same time.

When you get older, it’s wonderful to have your family around to help you with certain tasks. Most people, however, prefer to remain independent and not rely on them for everything.

Merle, an elderly woman from Victoria, Australia, moved back home to be closer to her family. However, she also wanted to live in her own private home.

Her daughter Ferne, a tiny house designer, created a home for her aging mother. She has built many beautiful homes, but this one was particularly special to her. The gift was for Mom.

She designed the stunning 23.5 x 8 ft home for her aging mother. A wide entrance with ramps makes Merle’s house extremely accessible and mobility-friendly.

Merle’s height was taken into account when building the kitchen countertops.

Merle’s age was also considered in the design. To keep Merle balanced, the walls are reinforced with handrails.

Ferne designed the home with every detail in mind.

The beautiful patio could be dismantled if they decide to move or sell. The beautiful farm provides such a lovely view that it’s hard to imagine them moving away.

The spectacular views will never get old for Merle. The cherry on top.

Ferne also ensured that the roof and walls were well insulated to keep her mother comfortable during the winter.

Insects were also kept out with screens. After all, this is Australia. Motorized screens are located at the entrance ramp. To raise or lower it, Merle only needs to push a button.

So her mom would feel like it was all hers, Ferne let Merle choose the colors and designs for the interior. She decided to go with a timber look for her elderly mother. It creates a feeling of open space in the home.

Ferne also installed underfloor heating as she knew how important it was to older people. Her floor is flat and non-slip, so Merle can walk and move about safely.

Merle’s bed is a very cool feature. During the day, her bed can be lifted to the ceiling by pushing a button. With channels built into the wall, the motor runs on a 12-volt battery.

Cabinets were built into the walls, while drawers were placed in easy-to-reach locations for Merle.

It is easy for Merle to navigate her home even with a walker. It is easy for her to get to where she wants to go, as her bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are all within reach. Her age makes this important.

Merle considers the house to be the best gift her daughter has ever given her.

Her mom’s house was Ferne’s best work to date. It’s a stunning design. Her elderly mother can still move around in style thanks to its practicality and eye-catching design.

Ferne and Merle agree that everything is perfect, and we couldn’t agree more.

Designed for an elderly or disabled resident, this tiny house stands out for how well it is designed. Take a look at the video below!

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