This 9-year-old budding fashion designer has a closet full of outfits she has sewn herself

When you were nine years old, what were you doing? The most likely thing you’ll say is that you were busy playing with toys and video games, watching funny videos online, or exploring your neighborhood.

Vera Wang, one of the world’s most famous and successful fashion designers, gave her daughter a sewing machine and encouraged her to make her own clothes.

Kaia Aragon, a 9-year-old Colorado girl, has been making waves in the fashion world and going viral on TikTok. Over 1.2 million people watched her mom Tonya’s first fashion creation posted on TikTok.

It didn’t happen overnight. Since Kaia was five, her mother taught her how to sew.

Tonya taught Kaia how to use her first sewing machine in 2020. The only thing Tonya could teach Kaia was how to make simple blankets and quilts.

Before making clothes, Kaia made a bed for her kitten and designed a wallet. Her black T-shirt dress with orange fox prints wowed everyone. As they say, the rest is history.

Kaia took her fashion design skills more seriously at this point. Kaia’s pink and black dress that her mom posted online in January received over 14.3 million views. Currently, Kaia has a closet full of original designs.

In addition to her eye and talent for fashion, Kaia doesn’t have a problem finding inspiration even at such a young age.

She is inspired by everything. An Encanto-inspired dress she designed once garnered over a million views on TikTok.

Kaia Aragon wearing a black dress with sunglasses

Nick Verreos of “Project Runway” challenged Kaia to design an outfit inspired by figure skating. Her dress with a sparkly skirt and pink bodice looked amazing on her.

Sketches are the starting point for most designers. Kaia, however, usually begins by picking out a fabric.

Anything stretchy and soft is her favorite material to work with. Kaia will still choose the one that feels good even if the material is beautiful but uncomfortable.

A beautiful yellow dress created by Kaia Aragon

She has always enjoyed wearing unique outfits, according to the little designer. When she puts on an outfit that doesn’t look like it goes well together, it always works out perfectly.

The more adventurous and creative Kaia became with her designs, the more she attracted Vera Wang’s attention.

She received a sewing machine and backpack from the famous designer last February, along with a handwritten note congratulating her and wishing her success.

Before receiving the gift, Kaia had never heard of Vera Wang. She is now obsessed with the designer and has the handwritten note framed and hung on her bedroom wall.

Tonya watches tutorials on YouTube that she thinks will help Kaia learn new techniques and skills. Despite having already tasted success and fame, Kaia keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

Kaia has big plans for the future, doesn’t she? Yes, definitely! Kaia dreams of designing a look for Zendaya, one of her favorite celebrities.

With her best friend, she dreams of attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and opening up a big fashion business.

Currently, the young designer is busy with different projects, including making a skirt from a 1983 wedding dress, which was sent to her by one of her followers.

For the local Renaissance fair, she also designed something for her siblings and friends. This young talent has a bright future ahead of him.

Follow her Instagram page here for more amazing work from this talented young designer.

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