Toddler Melts Hearts Giving Goodnight Kisses To Dog Nursing Her Pups

It’s just too much “awww” in this one. Toddlers and dogs are irresistible, aren’t they?

An adorable child was filmed giving kisses and soft petting to a dog nursing her pups. It’s not easy to approach a nursing mother.

Usually, they’ll snarl or turn away from you.

But somehow, this dog knew the little girl was harmless and just wanted to love her. It’s exhausting to give birth to so many puppies.

This little girl is soothing and comforting the dog, who loves the affection.

Toddlers don’t have the physical or emotional development to understand what’s appropriate behavior around dogs.

Managing a growing child is challenging enough, but adding a dog to the equation can be a real challenge.

Does it really matter?

While toddlers are unpredictable and uncoordinated, dogs can also hurt a child, even unintentionally. Especially if she is nursing her young.

However, this child and the family dog are defying the odds.

Also, kudos to the girl’s parents for setting up the camera!

As this viewer put it,

There is more than enough praise to be given to the parents here. Take a look at the effort put into preparing the dog’s room to have her pups and feel safe and secure. In many ways, she is an integral part of their family. She is still able to interact with all humans. Besides seeing her dog and puppies, the little girl is learning a lot from all the work her parents have put into tracing her family. Congratulations, parents.”

You can tell by the dog’s face that she’s fine with the child stroking her head even though the video is in black and white.

What a sweet kiss, too!

Not surprisingly, the puppy lets the little girl pet it when she reaches out to pet it.

It was her parents’ job to establish a good relationship between these two. In a few years, they’ll also be best friends.

Another viewer makes a great observation,

The video is so pure, and it’s obvious there’s a lot of love between mama dog and her family. There is a clean, safe space for her and her puppies, a space heater on the side to keep them warm when she isn’t there, and a lovely child who clearly understands the importance of having a dog as part of the family.

A dog is a member of the family.

There is just something so beautiful and pure about the love and trust between these two. This is a very positive and healthy home, so the pups are in good hands!

Watch the video below to see this adorable moment!

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