Man dives 45 feet deep to crack egg near ocean floor just to see what happens

When cracked under enough water, eggs do this.

Every day you learn something new.

With only about 20 percent of the ocean discovered, you never know what you’ll find.

The internet is in awe of what this diver did with an egg 45 feet down, as opposed to the wildlife.

You won’t believe what this egg does 45 feet underground.

Ocean mysteries

Our world’s oceans remain vastly undiscovered despite all the achievements of mankind.

We’ve been to the Moon, sent robots to Mars, and are getting ready to offer civilian space travel, but we’ve only explored 20% of the ocean.

Why have we discovered so little of our ocean? Humans have not been able to explore the deepest parts of the ocean for a number of reasons.

Visibility is one of them.

It’s pitch black down there, so we can’t see anything. Two, it’s freezing down there, and three, the pressure is too intense for humans.

According to NASA oceanographer Dr. Gene Carl Feldman:

β€œIt’s easier to send people into space than to the bottom of the ocean, in some ways. Deep ocean exploration is extremely difficult due to the intense pressures.”

What happens if you crack an egg 45 feet underground?

As this diver found out first-hand.

It’s just plain bizarre.

The right tools for the job.

Upon trying to crack the egg at the bottom, the diver realizes he doesn’t have the strength down there.

To crack it, he returns to the surface to grab a bulky underwater camera.

Cracked egg remains intact.

Usually, when you crack an egg, you get a runny mess of yolk and white, but if you’re 45 feet underwater, you don’t get that.

When the diver observes the cracked egg floating away like some new type of jellyfish, instead of a runny mess, the egg is completely intact.

Attention was drawn to it.

The diver returns to the surface after cracking the egg underwater and checking on his floating Jelly Fish-looking egg, but someone else had already found it.

Fish quickly ate the floating egg.

One lucky fish left behind a few bits of yolk when the diver returns to his egg.

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Watch the video below to see what this egg does underwater!

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