Blind woman regains vision and says husband is as handsome as she imagined

By August of the same year, Sophia Corah had been declared legally blind after making the heartbreaking discovery.

Having regained vision after a life-changing surgery, a woman now has new opportunities. One day, Sophia Corah woke up unable to see. She was just 18 years old at the time. The heartbreaking discovery was made in 2017 and she became legally blind in August of the same year, according to South West News Service.

Corah was later diagnosed with keratoconus. According to Mayo Clinic, keratoconus occurs when the cornea thins and bulges outward into a cone shape and may require a cornea transplant later in life. After waking up suddenly unable to see, she became dependent on others for help. “At first, I thought it was an allergy attack,” she said.

“I couldn’t read the paper when I drove to school,” Corah said of the shocking discovery. Despite the realization, Corah was determined to get a college education. “It was really hard to adjust, but I was determined to do what I could,” she said.

It was there that she met her now-partner Christian Corah and they instantly clicked. Christian supported me throughout the time I was blind. He took care of me and made me feel so special.” She said of Christian, who discovered a surgery that could correct her eyesight after researching keratoconus.

Since it cost over £16,000, I was at a loss as my insurance wouldn’t cover it. However, Christian put together a fundraiser for me and raised the funds in five weeks. She underwent surgery in October 2018 to prevent her cornea from bending. Despite this, Corah did not regain her sight right away. The process seemed to be gradual. 

It was “very intense” at first as she “could only wear them for a few hours at a time.” In August 2019, she regained 20/20 vision. Corah and Christian kept in touch throughout this time, and Sophia soon realized that no one made her feel like he did. In October 2020, she told him how she felt for the first time. 

After I gained the courage to tell him how I felt, I traveled to see him,” explained Corah, who was excited to see Christian’s face. Due to keratoconus, she could see about 10 eyes all over the place, so she couldn’t really piece him together when she first met him.

It didn’t matter what he looked like to me since I already had a connection with him. However, it was a pleasure to see his face after all this time. She noted, “He was even more handsome than I had imagined.” According to PEOPLE, Christian reciprocated her feelings, and they’ve been married for over a year.

“As soon as I met Sophia, I was captivated by her. She was an amazing fighter,” Christian told SWNS. “Christian supported me in the toughest times of my life and made me feel so special. This brought us closer together,” she said.

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