Woman is delivered giant bear clueless soldier husband is hiding inside it

When she finally turned around, my heart melted. 

The majority of people would do anything for their spouse, simply out of love.

Military personnel can spend long periods of time away from their families for the same reason – love. They love their country and their fellow man. It is due to these selfless men and women in uniform that people are able to go about their lives without worrying about national threats.

They leave behind loved ones who are constantly worried about their well-being when they’re away on deployment. That’s why coming home videos are so emotional.

On Valentine’s Day, one soldier decided to plan an extra creative and sweet homecoming.

With the help of his buddy, Ryan dressed up as a bear and sat on the porch of his wife’s home while his friend recorded the whole thing.

Try to get inside that costume while wearing his uniform. Ryan is having a hard time getting in there!


He has the flowers and the note ready, his buddy is recording, and tension is high.

All he has to do now is sit and wait there looking as limp as a lifeless doll until he gets his head under and inside. Unlike the previous bear, this one is a full 6-feet tall.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Here’s what you can look forward to!

Within a few seconds, Ryan’s wife, Megan, walks out grinning from ear to ear as the man recording knocks on the door.

She is informed by the cameraman, who is playing alibi, that Ryan sent her some gifts and that he has to read the note in front of the camera to get her husband’s reaction. After all, he is “overseas.”

Putting down the flowers, Megan opens the note and begins to read it.

Ryan the bear slowly stirs to avoid ruining the surprise as soon as she does. Who knows if he can see in there at all!

Despite wearing heavy doll clothes, only soldiers can stand without making a sound, says a viewer.

After reading the beautiful note her husband composed, Megan tries to hold back tears until she gets to the part where he says, “PS, I have one more surprise for you.”.”

Ryan is now standing, his bear outfit down to his chest revealing his face.

Ryan’s buddy tells Megan to turn around and put the flowers down. Although Megan is still emotional after reading the letter, she still seems a little confused.


Eventually, she turns around…

Seeing husband and wife embrace each other after such a long time apart is such a beautiful moment.

Another viewer wrote:

“I did 20 years in the military and I watch these homecoming surprise videos all the time. This one takes the cake. The setup was awesome, but the love these two have takes the cake. God bless you both and thank you for your service.”

The feeling can only be understood by a soldier.

More than 17 million people have viewed the video so far. It can even make grown men misty-eyed.

Watch the surprise below!

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