College Student Says ‘Choose Love’ As He Raises Money To Adopt 3-Month-Old Baby Found In Trash

When Jimmy Amisial returned to Haiti in 2017, he had no idea how drastically his life would change.

A 22-year-old found a group of people gathered around a pile of garbage on his way to a New Year’s celebration.

I spotted a baby when I came to the area where people were making noise, Amisial told CNN.

It was in a pile of rubbish sobbing, and no one wanted to do anything about it, likely due to a local superstition that this infant might be cursed or demonic. However, Amisial didn’t hesitate.

He was naked. He had been there for a couple of hours, and fire ants were swarming all over him. As soon as I lifted him up, he stopped crying.

He took the three-month-old baby home to his mother, who tried to console him and treat his insect bites. After the police arrived the next day, he was asked if he wanted to become the boy’s legal guardian since no one had claimed him.

As he explained, “I took a leap of faith by saying yes, even though I wasn’t sure how I would take care of him.”

Emilio Angel Jeremiah, whom he called Emilio, remained with his mother even though Amisial had to return to the United States due to his student visa. After that, Amisial had to give up his studies to work as a part-time landscaper and delivery assistant to help support his son.

Amisial began the legal adoption procedure for Emilio in 2019, but it has been time-consuming and expensive. Adoption can take up to five years and cost upwards of $31,000, according to estimates. Despite this, Amisial continues to communicate with Emilio via frequent video chats despite his “joyful” nature.

Aside from singing and playing the guitar, he enjoys watching ‘Tom and Jerry’. He is a very happy child who enjoys sports. “He plays basketball and soccer,” he said.

“My mother and I connected with him immediately. He refers to me as Dad. Despite being his temporary guardian, I still consider myself his father.”

Due to their relationship, Amisial set up a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $150,000 to complete the adoption procedure. Additionally, Amisial has planned what she will do with any extra money.

Your contributions will be used to complete Emilio’s adoption. Provide education for Emilio, assistance to local orphanages, impoverished families, and young people in the neighborhood, as well as perhaps cover my educational expenses and student loan debt. According to Amisial, everything is possible with you.

Despite not knowing what the future holds, Amisial is upbeat.

The one thing I know is that when you choose love, you can never go wrong. “It was those supernatural moments and interventions that demonstrated love, clarity, and showed the world we can do better,” he told GoFundMe.

Emilio’s improved life is the only hope he has for him, he told CNN:

It would be nice if he smiled. Although he was abandoned, I want him to know that he is not alone because I want to show him how to love.


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