16-Year-Old Boy Rocked a Red Gown to Prom and His Classmates Were So Excited for Him

The prom is like the Met Gala in high school. You get to wear your best ensemble and make an entrance among your peers. Korben, 16, wore a fabulous sequined jacket top and voluminous skirt to do just that. A red oversized bowtie, lip, and sparkling crown accompanied the two statement pieces. Korben looked fantastic-and so happy-and the people around him were equally as excited about his style as he was. In a now-viral tweet, his mom shared his smiling face and poses with his classmates at Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk, England.

Korben’s prom outfit had been a dream for years. “At age 12, my son decided he wanted to attend his school’s prom in a gown,” his mother, Nina Green, wrote. It took us four years to make it happen. It’s a pleasure to be so #proud of him for being true to himself and receiving an incredible reception from the entire school.” Green told the BBC later, “He wants to go as himself, while expressing his feminine side—with a tuxedo on top and a dress at the bottom, heavily inspired by (actor) Billy Porter.” Korben wanted to wear a dress.”

The original tweet showed Green’s son living his best life and showing what it looks like when someone is allowed to live their truth. The photos of Korben even reached one of his idols: RuPaul’s Drag Race star Michelle Visage. Visage quote-tweeted, “You are an amazing, beautiful mother, and your child is amazing.”

  Korben performs in drag under the name Miss Frou Frou, which is also his Twitter handle. He thanked everyone who had sent encouraging messages. “Oh my goodness… the amount of love…” he tweeted, “Thank you so much!!” To everyone who supports me and the LGBTQIA+ community, thank you! You are spreading love! ”””

Korben, a 16-year-old boy, had always dreamed of wearing a gown to prom. He accomplished it this year-and his classmates and teachers were so proud of him.

Nina Green tweeted photos of him wearing his ensemble, which went viral. One of Korben’s idols, Michelle Visage, loved his look and confidence.

All of the kind words meant so much to Korben.

Green also expressed her gratitude, emphasizing that she is letting her son live an authentic life.

SOURCE : mymodernmet.com

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