Teen selflessly takes care of elderly neighbors and their daughter shares touching photos

Out of goodness of heart, the 15-year-old checks on the couple daily and assists them with chores.

In spite of the fact that kids become adults, they still need their parents – and vice versa! With each passing decade, moms and dads tend to need more assistance.

Our companionship is most needed during the golden years. For grown-up kids, that’s also the best time to show their gratitude and give back.

Work and family often prevent us from spending time with our parents. It is best to have someone we can trust in the same area. An occasional checkup by a relative, neighbor, or friend.

A kind young man earned the trust of Tiki Joyner Edwards. He wasn’t even a family member.

Romemylion Mitchell is his name. Every day, this teenager checked on Tiki’s parents, Trent and Cianne Joyner, to see if they needed anything. He’s not even related by blood.

Tiki posted Romemylion’s kind act on Facebook in 2019. This post and the young man went viral for all the right reasons.

It is my pleasure to recognize this sweet fella who lives across the street from my parents. Tiki wrote that he checks on them every day and loves and cares for them deeply.

Romemylion rides to the store with her father at the age of 15. Assisting him to carry groceries inside, Mitchell helps him shop for what he needs. In addition, he cuts the grass and does chores for the elderly couple.

She continued, “Not many 15-year-olds would be willing to care for their elderly neighbors.”.

Romemylion is certainly a busy kid as well. In addition to school work, he has a social life with kids his age and many other responsibilities.

Still, he makes time to help his neighbors in a sweet way.

He gives freely of his time without expecting anything in return.

Romemylion has become part of the family in some way. There is a special bond between the boy and the couple. When Tiki’s mom was in the hospital for a few months, Mitchell visited her.

When he saw Mom today, he burst into tears and held her tightly. This is such a blessing, and I wanted to share something heartwarming instead of the sad news we hear every day,” Tiki wrote.

In fact, the Facebook post has over 112K shares! It’s wonderful to see someone with such a beautiful heart being recognized for his actions. Romemylion will continue to change lives as he grows up.

Check out the video below to see an interview with the inspirational teen!

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