Student lost 5 points because of a humble plea to teacher at the bottom of his test

When the teacher read the student’s message during the test, he was surprised. Therefore, this student offered to give his 5 points to the student with the lowest test score.

Business, sports, and the workplace can all be competitive. School is no exception. The fact that some students are not afraid to share their achievements to help others is therefore surprising.

Winston Lee, a History teacher at Letcher County High School, Whitesburg, Kentucky (USA), posted that story on his personal Facebook page. There were thousands of likes and shares on the post. He claimed that his student’s story was “never heard before”. This is such a heartwarming story!

Winston writes in the viral post:

“This needs to be shouted out. This was a first for me…

My straight A+ guy offers up his 5 bonus points to someone in need. Anybody. He will offer what he was earned to any peers who were especially stressed on the testing day by giving up what could have been his.

It didn’t matter to him whether he considered them a friend, if they were cool, or what caused them to score lower. He just wanted to help, be kind, and do something loving for them.

It was my pleasure to fulfill their request. Thank you very much, the recipient said. As a result of the 5 points, she was able to pass instead of failing.

I felt so hopeful after reading this note. It’s time to be a little more like this young man!! ”

Lee said this was the first time he had received such a generous request from a student – but that it wasn’t out of character for the 11th grader.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” Lee, who works at a Title I school, said. His compassion in the classroom is often evident.”

Lee did not reveal the student’s identity, but he did reveal the extra 5 points went to a female classmate who would have failed the test without them.

“She was very grateful, so it turned out well,” Lee told GMA. The points were given to her by someone she does not know.”

“Not all are great test-takers or in a comfortable home environment to focus on studying,” Lee said. It makes me feel great that it helped this student go from 58 points to passing. It is unknown what her situation may have been.”

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