Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday And Says She Drinks Coca-Cola Every Day

This isn’t the kind of advice we’ve heard before!

A Florida woman is celebrating her 107th birthday. What a milestone! According to her, she drinks Coca-Cola every day to live a long life. According to the staff at her assisted living facility, Frances Brassey is the oldest person in Hillsborough County.

Having been born in Montana on October 4, 1912, only 6 months after the Titanic sank, Frances now lives in New Tampa, Florida. She lives in an assisted living facility called Legacy at Highwoods Preserve. Ashley Gunter, Legacy’s Lifestyle Director, says Frances travels the world and keeps stuff in her room, including china.

Drinking Coca-Cola every day is Frances’ secret to a long life!

Ashley Victoria Photography / Frances Brassey

A few years ago, Frances retired to Florida and moved into an assisted living facility at the age of 103. Now the facility is throwing her a party to celebrate her 107th birthday.

As you can see in the photo above, Frances even gets her hair done and puts on a birthday tiara to help document the day.

There was a lot of fun at her birthday party!

Ashley Victoria Photography / Frances Brassey

Frances says she drinks Coca-Cola every day because it’s her secret to longevity, according to Gunter. Although we don’t know how much she drinks, it sounds like a pretty good deal! We’ve heard some people claim to live long on whiskey, and Betty White says a diet like vodka and hotdogs helps her live long.

Get a sneak peek at Frances Brassey’s birthday party in the video below!

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.

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