Challenge: Can you solve this tricky test by moving only one stick?

It seems every single ad today talks about either a new magical product to lose weight or a new exercise that will give you a six-pack in 2 weeks. However, no one seems to talk about exercising the most important “muscle” in our body, the brain.

Sure, we use our brains all the time, even while we sleep, but getting to sit down and solve a few puzzles is an excellent way to get the mind to concentrate on something other than everyday worries and obligations.

Most of the time, after a bit of brainteasing, your head will feel much clearer, ready to face another day of work or studies.

When you hear the word puzzle, most of us probably think of crossword puzzles or sudoku, due to their popularity in magazines and newspapers.

Not many can solve this

Today, however, millions of different puzzles are within our reach, thanks to the internet—all ready to challenge your brain and improve your problem-solving skills.

The tricky test we have for you below has been making the rounds online for years now, perhaps because its difficulty is in the right spot. Not super complicated, but you still have to concentrate if you want to solve it.

Can you solve this tricky test?

Below is today’s challenge. In the picture, we can see a simple math problem consisting of wooden sticks. As they are in the picture, the answer is wrong.

The challenge is to move only one stick so that the answer becomes correct.

Here is the picture.

Can you handle the test? Look closely at each number and take your time. I know you’ll eventually come across the solution.

If you don’t, no worries, the answer will be below.

Here is the solution

Was the challenge too difficult? If so, the answer is below the next picture.

Quite a tricky test! You simply need to take a stick from the plus sign and add it to the five to form a nine!

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