Tricky test: Are you smart enough to solve this math problem from middle school?

Back in school, you learned several useful skills that have greatly benefited you throughout your entire life. English, economics, and science, for example.

But what about mathematics?

It is probably one of the skills we learned at school that we use most frequently in everyday life. Shopping, paying, following a recipe, most things require a bit of math. However, unless your profession involves complex calculations, most of the math in our lives is pretty simple and easy to solve.

But the best part about math problems is that they also are fantastic brainteasers.

To keep your body sharp and healthy, we must exercise it regularly.

Going for a walk or a run daily, combined with good eating habits, will help us live a long and happy life.

However, we must not forget to exercise the most important part of our bodies as well. I’m talking about the brain.

Time for a tricky math riddle

One of the best ways to do this is to solve different kinds of puzzles. The most common ones are crossword puzzles and sudoku, as they have come in magazines and newspapers for many years.

Nevertheless, there are millions of challenges online ready to rub those brain cells of yours.

And in relation to today’s topic, the challenge we brought you involves a math riddle similar to those you used to solve in middle school back in the day.

The fun thing about these types of puzzles is that you have to think back and try to remember the correct method to solve them.

Can you find the answer?

Here comes today’s challenge.

In the picture below, we see several numbers in a row.

As quickly as you can, your task is to figure out the last number, right where the question mark is.

Here comes the math riddle.

Can you figure out the correct number?

It’s not easy, but if you concentrate, it should appear in your mind.

If you can’t, we’ll show you the answer below!

Here is the solution

If you have thought about it carefully but haven’t found the correct answer, you can see it after the next picture.

The correct answer is 3.

How do we get to that answer?

Between 18 and 10, there is a difference of 8.

Between 10 and 6, there is a difference of 4.

Between 6 and 4, there is a difference of 2.

Therefore, with the same train of thought, there is a difference of 1 between 4 and 3, making 3 the correct answer.

Did you get it right? Congratulations then!

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