How sharp are your eyes? Spot the sniper in this picture

Having an eye for detail is always good. This means that you notice things before most of the people around you do. Which gives you a significant advantage in numerous situations.

Picking gifts for your loved ones, your career, school, or even while playing games or solving puzzles, having the ability to quickly notice small details will always come in handy.

Below is a small test where you can see how good your eye for detail actually is – can you solve it?

Brainteasers are always welcome. It’s good to exercise our brain regularly, especially now that we depend so much on technology.

Below, you’ll find a visual puzzle. To solve it, you must concentrate and use that brain of yours.

Can you find the sniper?

Here comes today’s challenge. Under this text, we can see a picture of a natural landscape. There are rocks and greenery around the place. 

But somewhere in the picture, there’s a sniper hiding. Your task is to locate them.

Can you handle this challenge? Here is the picture.

Still looking for the sniper? Look very carefully. He/she can be hiding anywhere.

Below, we’ll reveal the location of this sneaky sniper.

Here’s the solution

Did you manage to find the sniper? If not, we will reveal the answer in the image below.

There they are! They’re lying down and camouflaging among the stones.

Now that you see them, it feels obvious, but it is certainly not easy to find!

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