New Challenge: Which woman is this man married to?

We all judge people. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. As soon as we see another human being, we create an image of them in our minds based on our first impression.

It is perfectly normal. Our brains instinctively try to fill in the information we are missing. However, some people are much better than others at picking up gestures and behaviors that give away clues about someone’s personality. This is something you can practice on, among other things, with the tricky test below.

It will also give your brain some much-needed exercise, a win-win situation if I ever heard of one!

Like the body, the brain also needs exercise, something that we barely think about nowadays, especially since technology took over our lives. We stay glued to a screen for most of the day, reading through social media or watching cats and dogs play on youtube.

Our minds become clouded and stressed, we don’t really let the brain rest, and we don’t exercise it properly either. But that’s where brainteasers come in. Things like puzzles, riddles, and optical illusions challenge our ability to concentrate and focus, while making us put all our responsibilities and worries aside for a little bit.

With that said, here comes today’s challenge, and it might help you become a bit less prejudiced. Pretty good, isn’t it?

Who is this man married to?

Here it comes. Below we can see a picture of a man and three women. One of these women is married to the man.

Which woman is this man married to? Here is the picture.

Can you figure it out? A small clue: to try to look past your first impressions.

Below we present the answer.

Here’s the lady

Do you have an answer ready? Below, after the next picture, you’ll see the answer.

The correct answer is woman number two.

Why? If you look closely, you’ll see that both woman number two and the man have wedding rings on them, which neither of the other two have.

Did you get it right? Good work then!

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