Today’s tricky challenge: Can you spot the boy among all the girls?

Solving brainteasers of various kinds is always a good idea. This may sound a little strange, but to have a healthy mind, it is vital to concentrate on something that has nothing to do with our everyday responsibilities.

That way, we give our heads some time to heal and breathe, so we can recharge our batteries right before jumping back into adult life. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we get to bring out our competitiveness. Few emotions beat the feeling of overcoming a challenge on your own!

There are challenges for all tastes. It can be anything, from Crossword puzzles to Sudoku or even Riddles, and thanks to the internet, millions of new puzzles to pick from. The one below, for example, has gotten pretty popular lately.

Brainteasers are just as crucial for a long and happy life as regular exercise. When you start to get a little older, it is imperative to keep your brain active.

A popular challenge

One way to give those brain cells a workout is to solve different types of challenges.

The one that we have below has been popping up online lately, and it is just as tricky as it’s fun to solve.

This particular challenge is quite difficult. Most people need between two and ten minutes to solve it.

Can you find the hidden boy?

Okay, here comes the challenge.

Below we see a picture filled with girls’ faces, but there is also a boy hiding somewhere among them. Can you find him?

That said, this is tricky, but take your time and try to find the boy.

Here is the answer

Did you find him? Congratulations in that case!

If you couldn’t, we’ll report the answer after the picture below.

PexelsThere’s the boy! He is hiding in the bottom left corner, among all the girls!

Did you manage to find the boy on your own?

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