Perfect for short people: These periscope glasses make you one foot taller

Are you friends or family with a short individual? Do you know someone who always has to stand on their toes to be able to see past a large crowd?

It can be tough for them to end up behind a 6′ 5″ tall giant during an important event. But worry not, now the solution is here!

Inventor Dominic Wilcox has created glasses inspired by a periscope. “One Foot Taller” extends about, you guessed it, one foot up into the air – and lets shorter people look over the obstacles in front of them.

The glasses add 12 inches to the wearer’s height, acting as a sort of periscope as they extend into the air and give a wide perspective of what is in front. Perfect if you are in a crowd or behind a very tall creature.

Photo: Daily Sun Post / One Foot Taller

“The periscope works well“

Dominic Wilcox talks about the inspiration that let him to his invention.

“I was standing at a gig and turned to see a small woman dancing away but unable to see the band due to the tall people in front of her. This gave me the idea to design a way for people to see over obstacles such as six-foot-plus people like me,” he added. “It works well, though dancing with it on might be a challenge!” he thinks.

Photo: Daily Sun Post / One Foot Taller

Wilcox created the design so that a smaller mirror in front of the glasses reflects what the top captures.

This should give the wearer a clearer picture of what’s in front. The unique glasses / periscope were displayed at an exhibition in London where inventors were commissioned to develop extraordinary solutions to everyday problems.

“Creativity is important because the world has many problems and challenges, and we need a lot more people with creative solutions to solve them,” said Wilcox, according to The Mirror.

Photo: Daily Sun Post / One Foot Taller

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