Kind 8-Yr-Old Asks Mom To Stop Car So He Can Help An Elderly Woman Up The Stairs

” When Maurice Adams Jr., 8, saw an elderly woman trying to climb a ladder, he made it his goal to help her. Maurice was driving his sister and mother home with her from high school, when he saw an elderly woman struggling to stare out the window. He asked his mother, Contricia, to park the car so he could go out and help the woman.

“Can I go out and help him up the stairs?” he asks. Said Contricia.

Riley Duncan was in the car behind them, and his heart was filled with joy as he saw the car stop in front of her. He then recorded a kind little boy getting out of his car to help an elderly stranger.

Maurice approached the woman and asked if he could help her, and she agreed. he supported her by placing a hand on his back and assisting her in lifting his footsteps.

They hugged as they reached the top of the concrete stairs, and both the old woman and Maurice were smiling. Maurice was then told that he was “different.”

Maurice went down the stairs and got into his mother’s car, and they left.
Contricia was happy for her son by stepping up to help an elderly woman who needed help.

“It goes. Then she commented, “It’s very moving.”

Riley, who was thrilled to see the kindness, posted a video of an unknown child helping an elderly woman on social media with the caption, “Thank God for our youth.”

The generosity of a young child touched the hearts of many people online.

Mary C. said, “What a wonderful little sympathetic little child, he will be a good caring young man one day !!”

“That was a good act of kindness. He certainly made his day, and he must have felt very happy about it! His parents should be proud of him. “I know I am,” wrote Yasmine H.

“What a wonderful child to be at such a young age.

Lorraine A. said, “Parents should take pride in … teaching them the right way.”

“What a wonderful thing this young man has done. Also, thank you to anyone who was driving the car in which the child was riding so that he could help this lady. she hugged him, which he really thought. “I’m sure a sweet little kid will brighten up her day,” wrote James B.

“This is the kind of compassion that comes from the heart! What proud parents must have, and what wonderful parents must have !! Hello !!! ” Trudy C. remarked.

Congratulations, Maurice, as you can see in this little video of her helping an elderly woman:

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