Woman Finds Out Her Husband Of Ten Years Is Cheating After Reading Newspaper Announcement Of His Baby’s Birth

US woman reveals how she found out her husband had a second family.

A woman from America has posted a story on her TikTok account about how she discovered her partner of ten years was cheating on her through a simple newspaper advertisement.

In her response, the nurse asked: “Tell me how you found out your ex-spouse was cheating on you.”

In a TikTok video, Addison explained the controversial situation she found herself in- and she spared no details.

The incident occurred about a week before their tenth wedding anniversary. At the time, she was looking through a newspaper in her office.

According to Addison. At that time, birth announcements were published in the newspaper,”

“I see my husband’s name and some other woman’s name – I know his name because it’s an unusual name. “So, I went to the hospital’s website where they post pictures of new babies, typed his name and her first name – sure enough, they had a baby boy a few days prior. She added: “But not only that, they had a little girl about a year and a half before that.

That’s how I found out I’d been cheated.”

I moved out

In the days that followed, she left the man and moved into a hotel with her kids. There are three children in Addison’s family. Although they were not biologically his, he had helped raise them over the years they were together.

She also dumped his clothes on his car parked outside the other woman’s house after packaging them in garbage bags.

“Mind you, it was pouring down rain,” Addison said.

Taking a look back

She posted several other videos in response to people’s questions about the relationship breakdown.

“In hindsight, I totally saw hundreds of red flags; I guess I overlooked them at the time,” she said.

These included working odd hours, unexplained overtime, wage discrepancies, going out to eat out out of town and attending a football conference without cell service.

In addition, she said the woman knew he was married and was okay with it.

The couple broke up after the shocking discovery.

Eight years have passed since Addison was married to another man.

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