Final Moments Of Newborn Twin’s Short Life Captured In Heart-stirring Photos

William Brentlinger and his twin Reagan were supposed to be stillborn, but both were born on Dec. 17, 2016. While William lived only 11 days, a photographer captured images of twins together in their first days.

Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger, from Northwood, Ohio, found out William would be stillborn at 23 weeks, according to 13abc.

The news channel quoted Lindsay as saying: “With twins, you have frequent ultrasounds.” I was sent to maternal fetal medicine because they saw something abnormal with my heart.

As a newborn, his left side of the heart did not function, and he had a lot of abnormalities. Lindsey Brown, a professional photographer who squeezed in a newborn session at the family’s house during the holiday rush as the family did not know how long William would live, was contacted by a family friend.

By email, Brown told “Other than that, William acted like a perfectly healthy baby boy.”.

“The parents were extremely strong and kept things together.”

Baby William’s parents were open about his struggles and treated both babies as if nothing was wrong, according to Brown.

She said: “After they grew up together, they only really know one another.” “I often wonder if little Reagan feels anything different now. It breaks my heart!

“But I’m so glad that the parents will always have these photos and that Reagan can learn about her big brother.”

Capturing a moment when their twins were together was priceless to the Brentlingers.

“They are beautiful, and he is beautiful,” said Lyndsay.

In some of them, you can clearly see his big beautiful eyes wide open.

It is something we will cherish forever.”

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